Leiden University

A list of the members of the Leiden Jean Monnet Centre:

Prof. B. Steunenberg

Jean Monnet Ad Personam Chair in European Politics and coordinator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Furthermore he is Professor in Public Administration since 1999 and an international expert on political decision making in the European Union and the transposition and implementation of European policies by Member States. He teaches a range of courses on the EU in various programs at Leiden University. He has taught in several summer schools on European Union Decision Making (Analytical Politics and Public Choice Group within ECPR). He has been a visiting professor and guest lecturer at the European University Institute, Sabanci University in Istanbul, the London School of Economics and others.

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Prof. R.T. Griffiths

Full professor of History at Free University Amsterdam (1980-1987), European University Institute (1987-1995) and Leiden University (1995-present). At the EUI, responsible for directing the Institute’s permanent project on the History of European Integration.

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Prof. M.O. Hosli

Professor of International Relations at Leiden University. She has taught a wide variety of modules on European integration, international organization and international relations, at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Hosli is a Jean Monnet Chair holder and has been involved in various research projects supported by the European Union (e.g. CONNEX, DOSEI).

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Prof. W.J.M. Voermans

Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University and an expert in European Legislative Studies. Voermans teaches a range of courses at the BA and MA level. He is specialized in post academic training courses in legislative theory, method and drafting. Voermans is the Academic Director of the Dutch Academy for Legislation, the Dean of the European Academy for Legislation, and Editor of Constitutional Law.

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Dr. A.L. Dimitrova

Associate professor in European Union institutions and policies and expert in EU enlargement and institutional reform in Central and Eastern Europe at the institute of Public Administration. Further she is the co-coordinator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. She teaches a range of courses on the European Union and International Organisations. She has been Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute. Guest speaker at a number of international events such as the conference on EU conditionality in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2006, 2007), the Ernst and Young Better Government conference in Warsaw (2010), at the Wider Europe Centre lecture series at Maynooth National University of Ireland (2010) and the Estonian School of Diplomacy seminar on EU coordination in Tallinn (2010).

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Dr. A. Rasmussen

Assistant Professor in Public Administration at Leiden University since 2008; Affiliated to the Centre for the Study of Parties and Election, Copenhagen University since 2008; Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (2006-2008), Assistant Professor Copenhagen Business School (2006-08), Visiting Scholar George Washington University (2004), and Centennial Fellow American Political Science Association (2004).

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Dr. D.D. Toshkov

Assistant Professor in Public Administration at Leiden Univerisity and an expert in European decision-making and implementation. Toshkov has taught courses on the institutions and impact of the EU at the faculties of Arts and Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Dr. C.F. van den Berg

Caspar van den Berg MSc is PhD fellow Public Administration. He studied bachelor University College at Utrecht University and the master International Relations (cum laude) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2004 he started his PhD on Civil Service Systems and Multi-Level Governance.

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MA J.M.R. Hartmann

Josephine Hartmann is a PhD student affiliated to the Political Legitimacy profile area. She is working at the Institute for Public Law. As part of the research profile Political Legitimacy: Institutions and Identities and the research project Legitimacy in the EU: Discretion as a bridge between input and output legitimacy she will focus on the impact of discretion on the EU decision-making process and the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU directives undertaken by the member states.

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Clingendael Institute

Dr. A. Schout

Director of the Clingendael European Studies Programme (2009-present); Research Professor, Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus (IUEE), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2007- present); Honorary fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment of the University of East Anglia (UK) (since 2004).

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Dr. J. Rood

Head Strategic Research Clingendael Institute; former-Director of the Clingendael European Studies Programme (2004-2009); Professor Political Economy of International Relations and European Integration University of Utrecht (1999-2009); 2009-present Member of the Commission on European Integration of the Advisory Council on International Affairs.

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L. van Schaik PhD

Research Fellow at the Clingendael European Studies Programme (the Netherlands). PhD candidate in Political Science at the School for International and European Policy of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Relevant expertise: EU in multilateral negotiations, EU external relations, EU policy-making processes, European integration theories, decision-making on EU positions for international negotiations, EU climate change policy, EU Presidency system.

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Dr Sarah Wolff

Research Fellow, former international aid officer for Latin America DG EuropeAid, European Commission; Visiting Fellow in various research institutes in Barcelona, Amman and Cairo. Area of Expertise: Justice and Home Affairs (internal and external dimensions); the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP); Middle East and North Africa/ Mediterranean Neighbourhood; EU policy towards Latin America; the EU’s external relations; EU aid and development policy.

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The Hague University

Paul Shotton PhD (French doctorate)

Lecturer in European Studies, The Hague University. Specializing in European Public Policy, Decision-making and Lobbying.

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Associate members

A. Kellermann

Visiting Professor and Senior Consultant in European Union Law; Senior Legal and Policy-Advisor. Former Secretary General and Head of the European Law Department of T.M.C. Asser Instituut

E. van der Kooij

Director of Feeling EUROPE Foundation.

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A. van der Meer

EU Expert and director of EU-Advice. EU-Advice helps non-profit and profit organisations to explore European developments and to take advantage of them. Expertise in EU governance and EU law.

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