(2014) Launch event: Agile for Excellence

To celebrate the opening of the new Agile for Excellence (AE) initiative of Leiden University – Campus The Hague, a launch event was hosted on Tuesday 2 December 2014. This event was organised in cooperation with Rally Software and Leiden University - Campus The Hague.

Agile for Excellence

How can we improve the quality of project work in knowledge organisations and tackle expensive project failures?

In our knowledge-based economy, organisations creating innovative products or services are increasingly relying on project work, executed by knowledge worker teams. However, many project teams are not yet working optimally. For example, the Dutch government loses between 1-5 billion euros annually in ICT project failures.

Agile project management methods help to provide structure in teams and help to lift project management to a higher level in practice. The Agile for Excellence (AE) initiative at Leiden University supports knowledge organisations, public and beyond, to excel in research and innovation through team based project management methods. We help to make project work effective and leverage learning through research, consulting and coursework.

Who attended?

Professionals from (knowledge) organisations who deal with project-based work, especially across multiple teams and projects. At this event, experts and speakers share their insights to inspire you on how to make your projects work more effective. Further, during the Agile Try-Out workshops, participants can experience the application of Agile Project Management using Serious Games across the lines of portfolio management, project management, and self-management (for individual team members).

Key topics

  1. What is agility and agile project management?
  2. How can agile methods improve the quality of project management in knowledge organisations?
  3. How can agile methods tackle expensive project failures?
  4. Why do agile methods work? Empirical findings and theoretical/scientific results.
  5. How can agile methods help addressing future challenges in project work?


13:00 - 17:30 hrs Agile Try-Out Workshops (pre-launch)

  • Agile success stories:

    o    Ron van Vliet (Tele2) – Agile Project Management and Governance at Tele2

    o    Rali Genova (KPMG) – From Cooperation to Collaboration

  • 3 Parallel workshop tracks: Portfolio Management, Project Management, Self-Management

  • Registration fee: 60€

  • Further information about the Agile Try-Out Workshops

18:00 - 21:00 hrs Launch Agile for Excellence 

  • Introduction Agile for Excellence.

    o    Marcel van Oosterhout (RSM Erasmus Univ,) - Business Agility: origins and concepts. Watch his talk online.

    o    Kim Bosman (Rally Software) - Agile transformation journey: step out of the dark. Watch her talk online.

    o    Edgar van Zoelen (Philips) – Agile Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Philips. Watch his talk online.

  • Panel session: watch this video online.

  • Exploring opportunities, networking and Drinks

Important information

When: Tuesday 2 December

Where: Living Lab, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague

Contact: ace@cdh.leidenuniv.nl

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